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The Squick or Squee Podcast

Jun 10, 2021

On this week's edition of the Squick or Squee Podcast we interview a most unusual guest, the erudite and loquacious Faustus Crow, who integrates the complex sexual imagery he creates as part of his occult erotic practices. As he memorably puts it "Art is Sorcery; Sorcery is Art; one and the same of practice," and after listening to this week's podcast you'll be hard pressed to disagree. At the very least, I'll bet next month's salary the result is like nothing you've ever heard.

Some links:

Faustus Crow's Wordpress site:

Faustus Crow on Artstation:

Faustus Crow's books on Amazon:

Faustus's Black Raven Tarot Game:

Faustus Crow on Patreon:

Faustus Crow on Twitter: @ghostcrow1